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Board-Certified Surgery and CE by Krista Halling, DVM, CCRP, Diplomate ACVS

About Our Mobile Board-Certified Surgery

A board-certified surgeon is a veterinarian who has additionally completed a one-year internship and 3-year surgical residency, followed by an examination to become a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, the highest worldwide recognized training level in veterinary surgery.

Our mission at Grey Goose Mobile Veterinary Surgery is to support family veterinarians in Southwestern Ontario by providing board-level surgical advice and advanced surgical procedures by Dr Halling and our experienced RVT, Tanya, in the convenience and familiarity of the patient’s primary care veterinary hospital.

We partner with the family veterinarian to offer guidance on patient management before and after surgery, including comprehensive post-operative instructions for the pet owner. Dr Halling will also speak with the owner pre-operatively and/or immediately post-operatively, if desired.

Available surgeries include TPLO, extracapsular stabilization, femoral head and neck ostectomy, patellar stabilization, prophylactic gastropexy, perineal urethrostomy, cystotomy, mass excision, anal sacculectomy, and others.

To request a surgery, case advice, surgery price list, or continuing education, please scroll down to see options. Dr Halling also offers surgery topic discussions directly with pet owners.

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🌲 We have partnered with Tree Canada to compensate for our carbon footprint by planting a tree for every mobile surgery we perform 🌲

Consult with Dr. Halling via Message, Phone, or Video

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Request a mobile surgery, one-on-one session, case advice or continuing education. Please scroll down to view our 9 options.

OUR PRICE LIST and WELCOME PACKAGE (for Veterinarians)

Message Communication

  • Request our welcome package including our surgery price list.
  • Download our Client Handouts on TPLO and Extracapsular Stabilization.
  • Have a question about our services? Ask it here!
  • Requirements: Any device using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.
MOBILE SURGERY REQUEST (for Veterinarians)

Message Communication

  • Schedule Dr Halling to perform an elective surgery at your hospital:
  • TPLO, extracap stabilization, FHO, MPL, prophylactic gastropexy, cystotomy, perineal urethrostomy, anal sacculectomy, salivary mucocele, limited mass excisions, and others.
  • Price list available upon request.
  • Please note: this request is for veterinary clinic use. If you are a pet owner interested in our surgical services, please ask your veterinarian to complete this surgery request.
  • Requirements: Any device using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.
BRIEF CASE ADVICE (for Veterinarians)

Message Communication

  • No charge brief advice. Veterinarians are welcome to submit a quick question on any of the following:
  • - Brief question on a new patient (such as whether surgery is indicated or next step)
  • - Followup question on an ongoing case with which Dr Halling has previously consulted
  • - Followup question on a patient that had surgery with Dr Halling
  • NB for TPLO followup advice please scroll down for that option
  • NB For in-depth case advice please scroll down for that option
  • Requirements: Any device using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.
TPLO FOLLOW-UP ADVICE (for Veterinarians)

Message Communication

  • No charge follow up advice and X-ray assessment for Dr Halling’s TPLO patients.
  • Please upload relevant photos, videos or X-ray images.
  • Requirements: Any device using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.
IN-DEPTH CASE ADVICE (for Veterinarians) $145.00

Phone Communication

  • Complex case advice where the diagnosis or treatment plan is unknown, or known but not straightforward (e.g. unknown cause of lameness, multiple orthopaedic conditions, tricky surgical case).
  • I will discuss ddx, diagnostic and treatment recommendations and potential outcomes.
  • Upload any supporting videos, photos, xrays, or bloodwork for Dr Halling to review.
  • No charge for brief follow up questions on this case.
  • Requirements: Any device using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. An actual phone is required. Do not use Internet Explorer.

Video Communication

  • Video conversation with Dr Halling on your choice of surgery topic: torn cruciate ligament, TPLO, extracapsular stabilization, hip dysplasia, MPL, gastropexy, perineal urethrostomy, or management of joint osteoarthritis.
  • This general discussion is ideal for pet owners who would like an in-depth understanding of an orthopaedic condition or a surgery, including what to expect recovery-wise. Dr Halling will explain the latest science on the topic in a manner that any pet owner can understand.
  • Please note this is a general topic conversation. Dr Halling is unable to provide specific medical advice for your pet.
  • Click “Get Started” below to choose your topic and book your session.
  • Requirements: Apple phones and tablets (iPhone 5+, iPad 2+, iPod Touch 5+, iPad Mini) are supported using OS v11.0+ and the Safari browser is required. Older Apple iOS devices are not supported. For all other devices (PCs, Laptops, Android 4.1+), the latest versions Chrome or Firefox are the required browsers. Do not use Internet Explorer. The device must have a camera and microphone. A Wifi connection is recommended for the best experience but not required.
MASTERCLASS in EMERGENCY SURGERIES (for ER vets, GP vets, interns, surgical residents)

Message Communication

  • Improve your proficiency in the most commonly encountered emergency surgeries with a virtual masterclass.
  • Dr Halling discusses each prodecure in-depth, revealing actionable tips and tricks for performing the technique, as well as pre- and intra-operative decision-making. Each individual video webinar is accompanied by printable PDFs and cheat sheets.
  • Masterclass topics include GDV/gastropexy, foreign body, urethral retropulsion, cystotomy, splenectomy, wounds, bandaging, and more. Each Masterclass topic is $295 plus HST (minimum 8 participants).
  • To gauge your relative proficiency and comfort level for each surgery, download the attached Emergency Surgery Skillset Self-Assessment Checklist.
  • Requirements: Any device using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.
BESPOKE SURGICAL COACHING (for Veterinarians and Medical Directors)

Message Communication

  • Customized coaching in all things surgical: one-on-one or small group
  • Ideal for DVMs interested in improving surgical skill sets and proficiency (e.g. new graduates, ER vets, experienced GPs interested in expanding surgical skillset) and medical directors setting up new hospital
  • Orthopaedic, soft tissue, wound management; setting up surgical or mobile practice
  • Bespoke program: phone calls, virtual discussions, FaceTime training, in-person training
  • Message Dr Halling to discuss your needs.
  • Requirements: Any device using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.

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About Grey Goose Mobile

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Krista Halling

Dr Halling brings over 20 years of surgical expertise to the table and enjoys supporting general practitioners and pet owners.

After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College with recognition for academic achievement and leadership, Dr Halling completed an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Colorado State University, followed by a residency in Small Animal Surgery at the University of Florida.

Dr. Halling achieved board certification by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons and Certification in Canine Rehabilitation from the University of Tennessee.

Dr Halling’s surgical career started as Assistant Professor of Small Animal Surgery at the Ontario Veterinary College, followed by co-owner of the surgery department at Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital and a year as Medical Director.

In 2021, Dr Halling decided to focus her attention exclusively on providing mobile and telemedicine surgical expertise and education to general practitioners, as well as helping the National Wildlife Centre with surgeries on injured wildlife.

Dr. Halling’s additional qualifications include journal publications and book chapters, lecturing internationally, and advanced expertise in veterinary physical rehabilitation, wound management, external fixation and correction of angular limb deformities.

When not in the OR, Dr Halling is an avid bicycle mechanic, trail runner, cyclist, rock climber, paddler and enjoys pursuing adventures with her sidekick, River.

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Tanya Vickers

Tanya accompanies Dr. Halling to monitor the patient intra-operatively under anesthesia.

After graduating in 1995 and obtaining her RVT the same year, she worked in regular practice until 2006, when she joined the surgery team at Mississauga Oakville. There she received advanced anesthesia training under board certified anesthesiologists.

Under their supervision she learned to perform epidurals and intraarticular blocks.

Since 2006, she has worked exclusively with board certified specialists, with a career focus of surgery and anaesthesia.

When not in the OR, Tanya enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband and children, watching movie versions of popular books, and breeding Nigerian dwarf goats.

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Chief Canine Officer

A Burlington native, River grew up enjoying Lake Ontario and the rivers and trails of SW Ontario.

Interested in veterinary medicine since her own laparoscopic spay, River pursued her dream of becoming CCO.

When not accompanying mobile cases, River spends her time with her duck siblings and enjoying surfing and trail running.

Grey Goose Mobile Veterinary Surgery is a division of Kruth-Halling Veterinary Professional Corporation